Backdrops, Ceiling Drapes & Curtaining

Curtaining and backdrops can totally change the look of a room. If you don't like the wall behind your bridal table, curtaining with fairy lights or a columned backdrop can make all the difference.

From time to time your venue may have undesired fittings or arrangements which will detract from the look of your room. Poles, columns, bricks, windows, murals or pictures can be covered or hidden with the use of curtaining or a backdrop.

Lighting is also important, especially if your room or hall has flurescent lighting as the only light source.

  • New LED fairy lights are now available in vivid white (ice blue) or warm white (yellowish tinge). Fairy lights strung around balcony rails, balustrades and rafters are now also popular and can add extra depth to decoration ideas.
  • Coloured up lights can also have a massive effect on a rooms look by splashing colour up onto curtaining or ceilings.

Ceiling drapes can also add that extra dimension to your room. Adding some simple drapes to your venue can quickly change a boring clubhouse into an exotic function room. Ceiling draping organza available in various colours. This has been especially popular for birthday parties, christenings, themed engagements or corporate functions.


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