Candelabra, Centrepieces & Glassware

Your table centrepieces can be that extra special touch that sets your wedding or event apart from all others. Candelabra can offer a touch of elegance, class and old world charm to any function.

Vases can be transformed into amazing works of art. The variations are limitless with the addition of simple ingreadents such as flowers, various rocks, fairylights, candles, tortured willow. The limit is what won't fit in the vases!

The new looks of feathers, water features, mirrors, table runners, lanterns, small or large votives or even hanging votives are items that push the edges of new centrepiece artistry and we have them all!

Our candelabra are available in Black Wrought Iron, Brass or Chrome Plated and are separated into various groups. Small or large table candelabra and freestanding candelabra. All three groups can hold variations of candles, flowers or even votives. If candles aren't your thing, floral stands may brighten up your event by lifting your flowers off the table into a more noticable position.

Candy / lollie bars are a wonderful alternative giving bomboniere as opposed to having to purchase cheezy gifts that may never be used by the recipient. Everyone has a sweet tooth and the more you vary the lollies the more differing tastes you will appeal to!
We can supply the vases by themselves so you can DIY, or we have some great ideas that will alleviate the stress for you.

If you can't find an idea you have or just have a new idea please contact us and we will endeavour to source it or even look at the logistics of manufacturing it for you!

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